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Real Estate in Mammoth Lakes
A lot is happening in real estate! Possibly the biggest news regarding real estate in Mammoth Lakes is the upcoming auction at Mammoth’s premier Private Residence Club. The developers at 80|50 Private Residence Club have authorized a sealed-bid auction. 25 units are up for grabs! The auction closes 5 pm on August 15th. Bid in October, own in September, ski forever. This could be your chance! Real estate in Mammoth Lakes is going through a lot of positive changes. This is the perfect time to buy or sell.
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This summer has been very eventful for real estate in Mammoth Lakes. It has also been a great season for tourism and community events, such as the Jazz Jubillee, Food and Wine Festival and more. Upcoming events include the tri-county fair in Bishop, the auction at 80|50 Private Residence Club, and more activities that will be posted at http://www.visitmammoth.net. Our team of agents love this town. Our office is a small, family-owned business. Our priority is our clients. We build relationships, keep in touch, and offer our services for buyers, sellers, and people who just aren’t sure yet. Navigating real estate in Mammoth Lakes can be daunting if you try to do it alone. Contact us today for a list of ALL the properties on the market.
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"mammoth lakes short sales"

Mammoth Lakes short sales

Maybe you need some more information about the Mammoth Lakes area before you start looking at houses. A lot of locals were originally tourists and visitors who fell in love with the area. Although Mammoth has changed a lot over the years, it has stayed true to the vision of its founders. Dave McCoy is one of the best-known names in town for his commitment to building the Mammoth Mountain ski enterprise. But even before Dave stepped foot in our town, miners and Native American tribes left their fingerprints all over the Sierra.
Mammoth Lakes has a rich history in gold mining as well as the early development of the ski industry. It has also become well-known in the celebrity world. You will see references to Mammoth Lakes in real television shows, nature documentaries and even car commercials. It’s not uncommon to be watching a show on the history channel and see someone wearing a Mammoth logo sweatshirt.
Despite its historical and media legacy, Mammoth Lakes has managed to remain a quiet community with all the amenities of a resort town, but none of noise or pollution of bigger cities. People often comment that the water tastes different in Mammoth than in Los Angeles. The atmosphere of this town is both exciting and peaceful. We have shopping outlets and hiking trails that can take you for a few miles, or a few hundred miles.
Why do people fall in love with this town? In part, it has to do with the seclusion. It really feels like an escape from the busy, dramatic whirr of bigger cities. The sunshine and the shadows on the mountain ranges give you the feeling of being nested inside a beautiful painting, with forests, trees, deer, birds and lakes. It’s very hard to find a spot where you can’t see the mountains or forests.
Another reason people stay in this town or visit regularly is the connections they make while they are here. You may recognize your grocer, your pharmacist, and your ski lift operator. This familiarity really makes this community feel like home, whether you’re visiting or here to stay.
If the hiking trails, lakes, rock-climbing, horse-back riding, biking, running, skiing and boarding can’t convince you to visit, maybe just the chance to “get away from it all” would be enough to make you fall in love with Mammoth Lakes.
And when you fall in love, you’re going to want a place to call your own… that’s where Mammoth Village Properties comes in. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a permanent residence, we’ll help you find the right property for your needs. Is it time for you to discover more of Mammoth? We’re a great place to start.

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