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6 of the Best Mammoth Lakes Summer Activities

6 of the Best Mammoth Lakes Summer Activities

Throughout the year, there are seemingly endless things to do in Mammoth Village. But, in the summer the opportunities truly open up for you and your family. There is something to do for almost any hobbyist, which makes Mammoth village the perfect place to own a home, whether it be your first or second home. It offers everything from mountain biking, to hiking, to sightseeing for the adventurer of every type. Don’t worry there are also plenty of relaxing activities to engage in, with ample boating, and fishing spots in Mammoth Lakes. You will love being surrounded by beautiful scenery and cool climate, in a calm and laid-back environment. A home in Mammoth Lakes is a great long-term investment. Read on to learn six activities to experience in a Mammoth Lakes summer.

1. Explore Mono Lake

Did you know that Mono Lake has over 2,000,000 migratory birds visit it every year? This makes it the perfect place to explore and bird-watch. Check out the Mono Lake State Nature Reserve to walk its boardwalk and learn about the history of the area.

2. Boat On Convict Lake

There are few things as calming and relaxing as a gentle boat ride. Convict Lake may not sound very inviting, but it is one of the locals favorite spots. The best part? You don’t even have to own a boat. It is easy to simply call ahead and rent a boat, without having to make the investment. So, fill the cooler and pack a lunch, and enjoy a beautiful day soaking up the California sunshine.

3. Visit Hot Creek Geologic Site

The thermal water at Hot Creek Geologic site makes it the destination for an afternoon. At the creek, you will see steam vents all along the creek that boil up in crystal pools of hot water. Hot Creek is also a popular fishing destination, which is the perfect way to end your day of adventuring.

4. Hike In The Mammoth Lakes Basin

There are too many trails to count at the Mammoth Lakes Basin, which makes it perfect for both beginning hikers and more advanced ones. Consider the Crystal Lake Trail to see the alpine lake, after a short and difficult way, or hike the Mammoth Rock Trail for breathtaking mountain views.

5. Go Horseback Riding at Rainbow Falls

The San Joaquin River takes a nosedive of over 100 feet in at Rainbow Falls. The mist from the waterfall casts a stunning rainbow in the area below. One of the best ways to get to the Falls in by Horseback, which is offered by Red’s Meadow Resort and Pack Station. If you prefer to make the trek by foot, it is about 3-miles round trip.

6. Go Beer Tasting

There are quite a few breweries to check out during your Mammoth Lakes summer. Swing by Mammoth Brewing Company or another brewery for a tasty, refreshing pint.

Mammoth Lakes Summer Fun

There is so much that Mammoth Lakes has to offer during the summer. Almost anything outdoors is available at Mammoth Village, in addition to many other amazing activities. Consider investing in property in Mammoth Lakes, whether it be your primary home or second home, the area is well worth it. Contact us today to learn more about owning property in Mammoth Lakes, and begin your journey to this beautiful destination this summer.

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